Vinyl Wrap/Thermo Laminated

At Classic Cabinetry we make own doors in-house.
With imported Italian manufacturing machinery and carefully trained staff members we can be sure that all doors leaving our workshop are worked to a high standard of quality.
We have a 7 year warranty on our doors and you can be sure that we use only the finest materials, we do not use cheap materials or low quality materials like some cabinetmakers.

Just be aware the product is heat formed thus keeping excessive heat away from doors such as a vertical grill or leaving a range-hood door open above a unattended gas burner is not a warranty claim. Careful attention is paid to every detail - from the core of the door to its external finish. The protective foil surface is extremely durable making each door scratch, chip and knock resistant.

Our dedicated craftsmanship combined with our fully automated manufacturing process and after sales service make Classic Cabinetry doors one of the most recommended by customers.

LG Deco

LG Deco Sheets are of the highest quality for the Australian market. As well as having an extremely high UV protection for our Australian climate, the LG deco sheets are scratch resistant. Our increasing colour range is impressive with over 70 colours and finishes.

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Bonlex is a decorative surface that provides an attractive, smooth and durable finish perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, wardrobes, offices and more! The extensive palette of colours offered in the Bonlex range continues to reflect evolving tastes and styles.

Made from premium quality PVC, Bonlex is a membrane pressing foil which is vacuum formed to an MDF substrate creating stylish kitchen cabinet doors, interior doors, store fixtures, offices, displays and many more end-products that utilize MDF or similar. The quality finish of Bonlex provides a beautiful, sophisticated appearance year after year.

Why Bonlex?

The search for quality perfection in Japan is legendary. Bonlex, made in Japan, is internationally recognized as the world leader in high gloss thermoplastic foil.Warranty Bonlex has been produced in Japan for over 40 years and is sold throughout the world with its strongest demand coming from high quality European manufacturers. 

It has been marketed in Australasia for over 20 years and is backed by a comprehensive warranty. Stain resistant - most accidental day to day spills don't affect Bonlex. Simply wipe them off as they happen. Scuff and scratch resistant - Bonlex maintains its beautiful appearance year after year. 

  • Fade resistant - Bonlex incorporates specialised UV absorbers to minimise the fading effects of harmful UV rays. 
  • Seals out water - Bonlex is waterproof. 
  • Chip resistant - Bonlex does not chip like a painted surface. Bonlex covers the surface and edges in a single flexible sheet and is thus resistant to impact. 
  • Excellent formability - Bonlex conforms beautifully to many shapes creating a seamless finish over the surface and edges of the panel. 
  • Primed rear surface - the Bonlex primed rear surface enables excellent bond strength. A colour to suit your d├ęcor - our extensive palette of colours, styles and finishes are regularly updated to reflect evolving tastes and styles.

Available in gloss and satin finishes..

The bonlex gloss range is available in four styles:-

  • solid colour
  • wood grain
  • abstract print
  • metallic

Enjoy the natural appearance of Bonlex gloss wood grains; chic, modern Bonlex gloss solid colours and abstract prints and classy, sophisticated Bonlex gloss metallics.

To achieve the real beauty found in Bonlex gloss wood grains, abstract prints and metallics we employ a specialist printing method whereby the pattern is printed directly onto an inner layer of the foil. The printed images used to create these special foils are digitally enhanced to achieve maximum clarity and depth of colour.

The lustrous finish of Bonlex gloss solid colours is attained by continuing the pigment colour throughout the foil. This genuine depth of colour means no black edges after pressing.

Satin Bonlex satin finishes have a smooth, entirely matt surface creating a simple, modern look.
The striking depth in Bonlex satin solid colours is achieved by continuing the pigment colour throughout the foil.


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Care and Maintenance

Laminate offers a high wearing melamine surface. All that is required to maintain the good looks of your Benchtop is the daily wipe down with warm soapy water, followed by a rinse with fresh water and a final wipe with a dry cloth. Normal household chemical cleaners are okay for stubborn marks, but leave a residue which must be washed with fresh water to remove. A build up of chemical residue can permanently alter the appearance of your benchtop.


Deco Foils supplies a variety of finishes including texture, ash, wood grain, matt and gloss Door Designs We follow Polytech door designs and can modify if you have a special request